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I'm Ben from Charlotte, NC and I'm a UX designer. I like to make things easy to look at and easy to use. I've been doing this since 1999 when I first learned HTML and the wonders of Photoshop. I've spent most of this time plying my trade with a string of huge financial institutions (such is life in Charlotte). Here I've learned the complexities of launching large, interconnected projects that are measured by hundreds of thousand of dollars, if not millions. I've also developed a healthy distaste for bureaucracy, business speak, and florescent lighting. Currently I'm very excited by the sea change happening as we move from desktop computers with graphical interfaces to mobile devices with natural interfaces. Very exciting time to be in UX (or own Apple stock).

In a former life I was a musician and after getting a Bachelor of Science degree in it I put down the guitar forever. Not sure how much my music degree has helped my design career but I feel I learned a deep appreciation for subtly and structure while studying the works of Bach and Bartok back in the day. It still lingers. Nowadays, when I'm not in front of my laptop you can find me at the firing range, running around the neighborhood, trekking in a foreign land, or ranting about my latest brush with poor customer service.

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